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Ragdoll cats are not just beautiful, but bred to have a sweet, docile personality. The are especially devoted to their owners. Each has its own unique personality. Here at Cathedral Ragdoll Cattery in New Hampshire, we breed for these special Ragdoll traits to preserve this wonderful cat breed.

Ann Baker developed the first "Ragdoll" cat from a female named Josephine. This female was supposedly hit by a car, and lay one the street for two days. She was found injured but alive, then nursed back to health by a neighbor. According to Ann, Josephine's kittens born after this accident were very playful loving and relaxed. She claimed that Ragdolls felt no pain- an obvious myth to any animal lover. Ann died with a notoriety for the myths she created, but one thing is certain: she began the breed of some of the most wonderful, sweet, laid back kitties in the cat world.

Our cats follow (or LEAD) us around. They are always there at the door to greet us. When we stroke them, they have the most wonderful rabbit like fur, and are oh so soft and cuddly! We look into their beautiful blue eyes (all Ragdoll cats have blue eyes) and are thrilled with their wonderful, laid back personality. Each one has its own unique personality, but every one of them is so sweet and special to us.

PJ and his daughter Freya are clowns. PJ loved performing in the show ring. He is truly a ham, and entertained everyone who would watch. Of all our cats, he was the most fun to show, followed closely by his daughter, Poco. Another daughter, Freya inherited his show antics, and even at eight years old, she loves to hang upside down on the cat tree, scratching her back claws. Like PJ, she's always watching to see if you are looking! She finds all real or imagined spiders and shadows. She's also our "watch cat".

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